Prayer House

At Zions Hill we have always made space for God to have His way not only in our individual lives but also within our corporate gatherings; space for the Holy Spirit to move powerfully to bring healing, revelation, wholeness and reconciliation.


God commissioned Ps Merrilyn in 2006 to create even more space. A space set apart wholly for the Lord, where praise and worship will continually be offered to Him.


The vision for the Prayer House has been confirmed many times not only through scripture and members of our own fellowship but also through international speakers and prophets that God has brought to Zions Hill through the last 7-8 years.


God will build His Prayer House. “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus” Phil 4:18. He is only calling for us to get behind the vision and to partner with Him in prayer and faith.  The Prayer House is seen as part of the continuing journey of Zions Hill.  It is by no means the end, but simply the next stage. 


As a church we need to see this Prayer House as already built.  I encourage you in your quiet time with the Lord to meditate on the Prayer House. Picture yourself standing in there. What can you see? What can you smell? How does it feel to be in there?  Start to think about how this will impact your walk with Christ.  When in your week can you set aside the important time to be there ministering to the Lord and being ministered to by Him?


Our words are creative. Begin to talk with each other about the Prayer House and how awesome it will be to have that amazing space. We all need to be aware of the powerful effect our words have in the spiritual realm. Negative words do damage, and are in opposition to what the Spirit of God is so clearly setting up. We need position ourselves along side the vision and support it.


If you are yet to get a full revelation of the importance of the establishment of the Prayer House do not speak against it.  Wait on the Lord; ask for wisdom and understanding.  Talk openly to leadership, have a posture of humility, ready to listen and receive the vision.


The Spiritual:

Right now, all over the earth, 24hour worship hubs are being established. All day, every day, prayer, intercession and worship are being offered to the Lord.

Right now, all over the earth, God’s glory is being revealed like never before. He is revealing Himself to His people, people who are worshipping in “Spirit and in Truth, these are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks” Jn 4:23.


The Practical:

The Prayer House will be 2 stories with a 3rd mezzanine floor.


Walking up from our existing Auditorium you will enter at the east via a ramp. This will take you on to a deck with tables and chairs and into the main hall.  Soaking prayer/healing rooms will be to the right next to reception.  To the left will be a dining area where a limited amount of light food/refreshments will be available for purchase.  On this level will also be a a main prayer/meeting room to seat 50-80 people.  Heading off to the left will be toilets and our church administration offices and the far left of the building.  Near reception will be internal stairs that lead to the second story, which will have 360 degree views. This room will be large enough for 50-80 people.  From here external stairs will lead to the final mezzanine from which will see breath taking views over our city and up the Tamar river.


The building will appear to sit lightly on the ground and will be make of materials such as glass, metal, cement sheet cladding, metal cladding and timber.  There will be solar hot water, a water tank and the grounds around will be landscaped with native plants to showcase the Prayer House as being a part of it’s environment and blending in.